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Lo studio italiano

Online Italian exercises

Welcome to Lo studio italiano where you can practice your Italian online and quickly improve your skills. It is both fun and efficient and is intended for all levels of Italian learners. See what the users think.
NEW: Web app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android smartphones (?)
Now you can access Lo studio italiano on your smartphone (iPhone/Android), iPad and iPod Touch.
It is a web app (not an app), so there is nothing to download or install. Just go to the usual address: www.lostudioitaliano.com and the system will detect your hardware and show you the right version.

Use our learning tools and see real results fast:
Italian verb conjugations
Practice with regular, irregular and reflexive verbs in conjugations of your own choice. The site includes audio for many verbs! The tool remembers your settings and will help you practice in a structured way and learn quickly. Read more

Italian vocabulary
Memorize new words efficiently!
Use our collection of word lists and practice both to and from Italian. Create your own word lists and focus on vocabulary that fits your own needs. You can edit and expand your lists continually. The site includes audio for thousands of words and a repeat function that will help you focus on the words you have trouble remembering.

Learn Italian grammar
Here you can practice the Italian articles, the inflexions of the nouns and the adjectives, possessive pronouns, accusative and dative pronouns as well as infinitive markers. The tool allows you to define the exercises according to your own level, and enables you to advance gradually at your own pace. Read more

Tombola (bingo) - learn the numbers the fun way!
This tool enables you to practice the numbers in Italian efficiently. It allows you to control the speed of the game, to have the numbers repeated and to have your tickets validated continuously.

Look up verbs and pronunciation in our databases. Which verb and conjugation does feci belong to? How do you pronounce chiacchierare?
Search is performed in all conjugations of 450 verbs and you have direct access to the pronunciation of more than 10.000 words and expressions.

Pronunciation guide
This web-based guide will teach you all the basic aspects of Italian pronunciation.
Learn by listening! The site includes a high number of audio examples recorded by the Italian Baritone Andrea Patucelli. You can navigate the site easily either through words, combination of letters or sound group. It includes descriptions of articulation, comparisons of English and Italian, rules of pronunciation and a phonetic transcription of all the audio examples given.

Try out all the tools (in demo mode) from the menu above,
or get a FREE SUBSCRIPTION for two weeks and discover, how efficient 10 minutes of daily practice can be!
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